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Professional training
Even 2 training sessions a day with an olympic weightlifting focus. 5-7 days in my care. My experienced assistants also help me.
Biological regeneration - sauna, hydro massage, swimming pool.
Accommodation and meals
I try to organize camps in Central Sports Centers, which are adapted to professional athletes. They provide one of the best training conditions as well as adequate food, accommodation and the possibility of regeneration after training.

You cannot replace an approximately one-week camp with a one-day workshop or personal training. During the camp you will experience professional training, you will learn what the training looks like in the long run, you will learn many different exercises and you will better understand olympic weightlfting technique.

Upcoming camp

… is scheduled for October 2021. As soon as the pandemic situation allows us to organize the training camp without any complications, the registration option will start around the end of the summer holidays. If you want to be up to date when the next camps or workshops, I invite you to subscribe to the list of newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Arkadiusz Michalski

member Polish national team

European Championships

1. place (2018), 2. place (2015, 2016), 3. place (2017)

World Championships

3. place (2018), 5. place (2017), 6. place (2014, 2015)

Olympic Games

7. place (2016)

Polish Championships

1. place (2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020), 2. place (2012, 2015), 3. place (2011)



The camp is aimed at beginners as well as people who are at an intermediate level. In particular, I invite personal trainers who want to improve coaching skills, weightlifting enthusiasts and people who would like to learn from scratch the technique and how to train the Olympic weightlifting.

Depends on the number of days in the camp. We usually train in the so-called the „2-1” system, that is, on the first day of the camp, 2 training sessions, on the second day training and biological regeneration, on the next day two training sessions again.

Depending on the number of participants, I employ additional assistants. When it comes to the level of training, I focus on 100% professionalism. I cannot imagine that any of the participants would not have ongoing care during their training sessions.

We combine theories with practice. During the practical classes, you will definitely gain a lot of theoretical knowledge.

If the center that provides us with accommodation will have single rooms available, then yes. Usually, however, accommodation is in double rooms. If you really care about a single room, please report it during registration and I will do my best to meet your expectations.

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