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Program Start
Weightlifting training program for beginners.

Training program Start is one of the training solutions for weightlifting beginners proposed by me.

After many years of training, I know that one perfect training plan just doesn’t exist. There are many possibilities to create a plan and depending on your needs, you can reach for many solutions. Progam Start is one of them. This is my proposed four-week training plan for olympic weightlifting beginners.

The program includes exercises that I have chosen so that beginners in olympic weightlifting can „understand and feel the barbell” more easily. It is dominated by accessory exercises.

program author

Arkadiusz Michalski

member Polish national team

European Championships

1. place (2018), 2. place (2015, 2016), 3. place (2017)

World Championships

3. place (2018), 5. place (2017), 6. place (2014, 2015)

Olympic Games

7. place (2016)

Polish Championships

1. place (2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020), 2. place (2012, 2015), 3. place (2011)



Training plan Start is for weightlifting beginners who are able to perform basic snatch, clean&jerk and other accessory exercises for olympic weightlifting. If you are completely new to weightlifting, I invite you to personal training or camps and workshops organized by me, where you will learn the basics of weightlifting.

You will find 16 workouts in the plan. The whole program takes 4 weeks.

No. There are 4 trainings scheduled during the week. I can only suggest to implement the plan on such days as: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Of course, you can change the days as you like, but it would be a good idea to plan a one-day rest for your body between some of the training sessions each week.

No. Exercises and loads are selected so that it does not cause great difficulties and is not very tiring. Regularity is important.

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Opinions of my students

  • 4. weeks
  • 16. training sessions
  • Training program for weightlifting beginners


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The purchased training program is for personal use only. Copying, disseminating, sharing or selling to third parties is prohibited and inconsistent with applicable law.


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